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Bmw R 90 S
Key facts
  • 1974
  • 74,272 Miles

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  • Fully documented ownership & mileage
  • Total restoration
  • Over £7,000 spent on parts alone
  • Great history file
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We are pleased to offer this amazing 1974 BMW R90S motorcycle for sale – it is quite an exceptional example with a documented history and mileage of 74,272.

The first private owner of this machine was a Mr. Dobson of North Berwick. He owned it for just 3 years approximately and covered 9,656 miles on it during this time.

In 1978 the bike entered the fairly long term ownership of a Mr. McNaughton of Littleborough at 9,656 miles and it was during this time that the vast majority of the total mileage covered by this bike were added. Mr. McNaughton kept a religious record of the bike’s mileage and also the maintenance he carried out in a little black note book. This book is presented with the bike today.

In 1987 Mr. McNaughton sold the bike to a Mr. Batley from Barnsley. He used the bike for just a year and then due to the purchase of a new BMW motorbike “moth-balled” this one in his garage for the next 19 years! It re-appeared in 2006 when Mr. Batley decided to advertise it for sale, primarily as a restoration project.

Mr. Myshrall of Northallerton decided he was the man for this restoration when he bought the bike on the 30th March 2006. He then set about ordering the parts required from the marque parts specialists “Motorworks LLP” and “James Sherlock Ltd.”. He also contracted some specialist companies to do some coating, painting and machining etc. but it appears he assembled it himself, surely as a labour of love! Just the invoices we have on file for parts and services come to over £7,000 (!!!) and don’t forget, this is NOT including any labour!

Fortunately, it appears that Mr. Myshrall knows his way around a set of spanners rather well and the resulting bike is a true credit to him. The restoration process must be this gentleman’s passion as fairly shortly after the completion (the last part was bought in May 2007) he sold the bike.

It was purchased by a Mr. Timson of Godalming in September 2007 and was added to his quite well known collection of motorcycles. There it stayed until we were fortunate enough to be able to buy it and add to our small collection here.

It is unusual to find a bike of this age which such a nice and comprehensive history. To know the names of the owners and see the love and expense that has been lavished on it is a joy. Such a special machine deserves a new home where it will continue to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come – either by riding it or simply collecting it, the choice is yours!

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